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Unfulfilled Dreams & NLP

In college, one of the ways I earned money was by writing ‘top ten’ lists for a now defunct click bait farm. The process was long and the potential reward for an accepted article was lacking. It wasn’t an efficient use of time, but maybe it could have been had I known about Natural Language Processing. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subfield of machine learning focused on building models capable of “understanding” language data. NLP tasks include language translation and sentiment analysis. However, for the aspiring click-bait auteur, the most useful use of NLP is…

Hands-on Tutorials

Do left-handed or right-handed hitters have it easier?

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A few weeks ago, I was watching game one of the 2020 World Series with my family. I’m unsure of why this particular question came up, but someone inquired as to the living room’s opinion on whether it’s easier, in general, for left-handed or right-handed batters to make it to first base after connecting with the ball. It’s an interesting question for which no one had a sufficient answer. My father, shining beacon of wisdom that he is, said that I should take the scientific approach to solving this problem, suggesting I get 30 or so of my friends &…

Jordan M Young

Phd candidate / Planetary Scientist / Data Enthusiast / Author....?/ /

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